Oncology and beyond:
broadening the market for CSAM Cytodose

Widely used across the Nordics for almost two decades, the medication management system for cancer treatments has retained trust and relevance through constant improvement. Now CSAM is getting ready to extend its capabilities to other use cases The prospect of cancer treatment can be as frightening as the cancer diagnosis itself. The outcome of chemotherapy [...]
Pregnant woman using phone

Enabling Quality Care at Life’s Critical Moments

Technological advancements have been a driving force behind many significant improvements in healthcare, increasing access to services, enhancing efficiency and quality of care, and empowering patients to take control of their health. Some of the most impressive impacts of technology in healthcare have come from the highly specialised software that enables the daily workflows of [...]
Pharmacist holding prescription medicine.

Managing the Complexity of Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. For most patients, treatment is complex, involving a variety of medications that may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy or hormone therapy, as well as supportive medications such as anti-emetics. The drugs used to treat cancer are aggressive and can cause serious adverse effects if the dosage is too high or be [...]