CSAM Paratus

CSAM Paratus

Benchmark mobile platform for rescue vehicles

The CSAM Paratus platform is a comprehensive mobile solution designed specifically for rescue vehicles that features case handling and routing support up front and coordination of patient records and medical support for teams in the back of emergency vehicles. CSAM Paratus connects the critical information chain that saves lives in an emergency, from response to mobile units to emergency departments. The platform’s modern and unique high-tech backend features a range of unique modules that deliver operational optimization for major incidents, as well as use in day-to-day operations. Core elements of the platform are Paratus Navigation and Paratus EMR, which seamlessly integrate with other CSAM Paratus products to create a complete emergency management solution that manages all aspects of emergency response. Today CSAM Paratus is the leading emergency response system in Sweden used by ambulances, fire, and rescue services.

Medical technicians looking at MRI scan.

Advanced Infrastructure for Data

Manage an unlimited amount of patient information

Paratus Navigation has a flexible user-friendly interface that displays the most important information. Sharing and receiving data is central within Paratus Navigation and there are various ways of communicating with other ambulances and functions within the healthcare system.

Paratus EMR

Electronic medical record

Paratus EMR is a scalable, flexible and secure system focused on patient safety. The easy-to-use system supports medical workflows and is designed to work in critical situations without taking focus from the patient.

Two ambulance workers standing in front of two ambulances.
Norwegian ambulance with 113 printed on window.

Paratus Center

Administrative & operational modules

Paratus Center includes Paratus Admin, Paratus Emergency Department, and Paratus Major Incident. Together, these modules are designed and built to deliver administrative and operational value to customers.

Other Paratus Modules

One solution for a safe & robust response

 CSAM Paratus features a number of additional systems and modules, including Paratus Information Board, Paratus Insight, Paratus Map Report, and Paratus Object Creator, that together provide a complete emergency management solution.

Man working at emergency medical communication center.

Technology that supports healthcare organizations today and in the future


Integrates seamlessly with health records, official registers, medical technologies and equipment, hospital records systems, outpatient administration systems and a variety of communication equipment.


Easy to scale up or down to meet the needs of small organizations or entire regions, with customizable modules to fit new requirements or maintain service levels as system use increases.


Continuously updated in cooperation with customers to deliver the greatest value for their operations.

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