Women & Children’s Health

Women & Children's Health

CSAM has a range of maternity solutions that support expectant mothers, hospitals, and maternity clinics in the collecting, storing and sharing of important medical information at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.  Today, all births in Norway are registered in one of CSAM’s maternity systems.

Our solutions provide significant value to healthcare providers across the entire maternity treatment chain, improving the flow of critical medical information, reducing the manual collection of data, and improving risk assessment. CSAM offers both specialised software for the maternity workflow, as well as cloud-based maternity care that delivers a truly integrated sharing of information between expectant mothers, maternity clinics and midwives, as well as hospitals and private doctors.

CSAM Partus – Maternity information system
CSAM Partus
CSAM Natus – Maternity care system
CSAM Natus
CSAM iPana Labor Information System
CSAM iPana
CSAM iPana Maternity – Cloud based maternity care
CSAM iPana Maternity
CSAM LinnéFiler – Management tool for ART clinics
CSAM iPana