Women & Children’s Health

Women & Children's Health

Trusted solutions to safeguard pregnancy, childbirth and infancy.

CSAM has a range of maternity solutions that support expectant mothers, hospitals, and maternity clinics in the collecting, storing, and sharing of important medical information during pregnancy, childbirth, and infancy. Our specialized and cloud-based solutions enhance the flow of critical medical information, reduce manual data collection, and improve risk assessment enabling critical decisions to increase patient safety, particularly during complicated or high-risk deliveries.

We have expanded our portfolio in this domain with a complete Assisted Reproductive Technology management system for the modern, paper-free IVF clinic. The software handles documentation of clinical data to support informed treatment decisions, as well as administrative functions and powers 27 clinics in 6 countries.

CSAM Partus – Maternity information system
CSAM Partus
CSAM Natus – Maternity care system
CSAM Natus
CSAM iPana Labor Information System
CSAM iPana
CSAM iPana Maternity – Cloud based maternity care
CSAM iPana Maternity
CSAM Fertsoft – Management tool for ART clinics
CSAM iPana