Connected Healthcare

Connected Healthcare

Solutions for secure information sharing and collaboration across healthcare domains.

CSAM provides a range of connected healthcare solutions that enable secure information sharing and collaboration within healthcare organisations and across healthcare providers, as well as cloud services that connect healthcare professionals to their patients. We provide application infrastructure and security components, allowing clients to implement customized workflows.

Our portfolio includes solutions for quick, secure and compliant transfer and retrieval of confidential patient data between healthcare organisations, regardless of the origin of the data. CSAM’s web client brings data from a variety of systems directly into patient journals and provides healthcare professionals with a easy-to-use interface that supports their day-to-day work. For patients who can be treated at home, we also provide a comprehensive self-care and health counselling solution. The cloud-based platform allow patients and healthcare providers to interact in a safe, convenient and cost-effective way through a web interface, mobile applications or video.

CSAM Arcidis – Integrated teleradiology system
CSAM DICOM Server – Handles volume radiation data
CSAM Infobroker – Radiology telemedicine system
CSAM HelseMail – Patient data transfer tool
CSAM S7 – Health counselling platform
CSAM XDS – Patient data storage
CSAM Web Client – Connects multiple apps