Interactive tool for safe & effective patient triage

CSAM’s Interactive Manchester Triage System (IMTS) is an electronic tool for assessing and prioritizing patients based on the gold-standard Manchester Triage Scale. It is designed to support decision making and word processes within emergency rooms, leading to safe and effective patient triage.

Woman working at emergency medical communication center.

Process Support for Emergency Triage

Effectively manage patient flow

CSAM IMTS improves the accuracy of triage and correct choice of discriminators based on a patient’s presenting signs and system, automatically allocating patients to one of five urgency categories. The system delivers the quality assurance of a proven triage system with interactivities capabilities that enhance workflow, improve decision making and reduce costs.

Clinical Risk Management

Improve patient safety

CSAM IMTS utilizes a systematic and interactive process facilitated by patient presentation algorithms to reduce the risk of inaccurate patient triage. It improves time to triage and accurate assessment of patient priority, ensuring patients receive the most appropriate and timely care based on clinical need.

Norwegian ambulances.
Norwegian ambulance with 113 printed on window.

Comprehensive Documentation & Reports

Easily document & access critical statistics

CSAM IMTS documents all entries made in the event log with date, time, signature and description of the activity, providing a complete triage log for every event. It also provides easily accessible reports on important variables, such as wait time, triage time, and more.

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