Investor Relations

Investor Relations

CSAM is listed on Merkur Market, Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker CSAM-ME

Q2 2020 Report

Water and Rocks, Sweden.

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Landscape, Lofoten.

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Water and Rocks, Finland.

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Upcoming Events

November 27, 2020: CSAM’s Q3 2020 report will be published

February 26, 2021: CSAM’s Q4 report will be published

April 30, 2021: CSAM’s 2020 Annual Report will be published

Merkur Market

Merkur Market offers companies and their owners one of the fastest admission processes in Europe. The time between Oslo Børs receiving an application and the company being admitted to trading can be around one to two weeks. Since Merkur Market is an MTF, both the admission requirements and the continuing reporting obligations following admission are simpler and less comprehensive than for companies listed on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess.

Stock Information

Stock Price: All information related to share price development, trade volumes and more can be found on CSAM’s page on Oslo Børs.

Stock Exchange Notices: All stock exchange notices can be found on Oslo Børs NewsWeb.

Auditor: CSAM is audited by RSM.

Admission: CSAM’s admission document can be found on Oslo Børs NewsWeb.

Alternative Bond Market

Nordic ABM is a list of registered bonds for which Oslo Børs determines the rules of the list in consultation with market participants. Nordic ABM is not a regulated market nor Multilateral Trading Facility nor Organized Trading Facility, and is not subject to the provisions of the Securities Trading Act.

Bond Information

Ticker: CSAM01 PRO

Amount: 300 Million NOK

Maturity: 2024

Rate: 3-month NIBOR plus 500 bps

Additional information  can be found on CSAM’s page on Oslo Børs.


For investor information, please contact:

Einar Bonnevie - CSAM CFO

Einar T. Bonnevie

Oslo, Norway

For all other inquiries, please visit our Contact Us page.

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