Modern, All-Inclusive Radiology Information System

CSAM TRIS is a dynamic, all-inclusive and powerful Radiology Information System, developed by and for healthcare professionals in Nordic Radiology Departments. The comprehensive system is easy to use and offers high functionality and stability. With permanent participation from dedicated users, CSAM TRIS is well suited for radiology departments of different sizes and with different workflows.

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Simple & Intuitive

Collaborate across departments with ease

With CSAM TRIS, important operations can be performed quickly and easily with simple keystrokes using task-related tools. The balance between the amount of information introduced and usability is one of the software’s core strengths. CSAM TRIS facilitates IT integration between X-ray departments and collaborative clinical departments, outpatient clinics, and primary healthcare services while meeting each user’s requirements for integrity and quality.

Modern Functionality

Comprehensive modules for every need

CSAM TRIS offers a variety of modern functions, including online interactive referrals to Radiology, ordering of examinations at several laboratories, arrival registration, expense control, work lists, electronic signing, contract signing, archival functions, and more. The systems’ administrative module with report and control functions make it an important tool for management and planning.

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Seamless Integration

Cooperates with an organisation’s existing systems

CSAM TRIS has an open interface with other systems. The solution’s seamless integration enables the user to control PACS from CSAM TRIS or vice versa. CSAM TRIS is ready for dynamic integration with all Windows-based patient journal systems.

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