The power of medical imaging in the palm of your hand

CSAM CIMA is a user-friendly mobile application that brings the power of CSAM imaging solutions to a user’s mobile device. The application simplifies and secures the process of capturing, using and sending medical media via mobile technology.

Doctor holding phone.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Capture medical images or videos with the touch of an icon

The CSAM CIMA app supports a broad range of medical professionals and disciplines, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The application can be used to document photos, video, and notes on wounds, injuries, skin conditions, abuse cases, weight, physiotherapy, and more.

Compliant Media Transfer

Securely send medical media from a mobile device

CSAM CIMA is fully compliant with data privacy regulations and safeguards confidential patient data. All images, videos and notes are encrypted and sent directly to the organisation’s image management system.

Female doctor using phone.

Unified Media Storage

Combine medical media in one database

CSAM CIMA integrates with CSAM Picsara or CSAM Medimaker, providing unified sharing of all medical media. Images, videos and notes are easily transferred from the app to any CSAM imaging solution with the touch of an icon.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Integrates closely with an organisation’s existing information systems, including EPRs and patient information systems, via CSAM imaging solutions.


Suitable for single users or multiple users within a department, sharing a single mobile device.


Continuously updated in cooperation with customers to ensure it delivers the greatest value for their operations.

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