CSAM Optima Live

CSAM Optima Live

Helping dispatchers make the right decisions in real time

CSAM Optima Live puts advanced operations modelling and smart recommendations in the hands of your dispatch staff, allowing them to manage complex operational rules consistently and effectively, and anticipate problems before they happen.

Real-time, ‘look ahead’ and ‘playback’ visualisation

See your operation at a glance

Live gives your operational staff a modern, rich view of what is happening across your geography. ‘Look ahead’ view lets your organisation keep an eye on what is coming. A detailed Playback mode allows you to step back and replay any historical incident to investigate outcomes and improve future decisions.

Easy management of vehicle coverage

Monitor and manage your compliance

With your own custom policies and requirements encoded into Live’s configuration, it is easy to see not just where your vehicles are, but where they should be. Gaps in coverage, or non-compliant deployment plans, can be noticed and acted on before they become a problem for your crews and patients.

Smart recommendations for deployment and dispatch

Give your dispatchers smart, consistent assistance

Live goes beyond a display of information. Using its knowledge of your real-time and ‘look ahead’ status, as well as your dispatch and deployment policies, Live gives your dispatch teams intelligent and consistent recommendations. This helps your team to save time, manage cognitive overload and improve compliance.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Integrates one-way or both ways in real-time with your CAD system and takes advantage of existing messaging paths.


A proven solution for public safety organisations both urban and rural, and from small operations to the world’s largest.


Based on academic operations research and continuously updated and enhanced based on customer and market needs.

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