CSAM HelseMail

CSAM HelseMail

Fast & Compliant Transfer of Large Volume Patient Information

CSAM HelseMail enables the quick, easy and compliant transfer of confidential patient data between healthcare organisations. The system is used by insurance companies, private health clinics, public hospitals, and clinics abroad – with more and more users joining every month. CSAM HelseMail is so affordable and easy to use that many insurance companies now insist their healthcare suppliers use the system.

Medical technicians looking at MRI scan.

Advanced Infrastructure for Data

Manage an unlimited amount of patient information

CSAM HelseMail is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, with an interface similar to Microsoft Outlook. The system is installed on a PC or as a server/client-solution in the network with a simple and flexible connection. CSAM HelseMail can also be customised with an organisation’s desired functionality or integrated with other applications.

Fast & Efficient Information Sharing

Quickly transfer high volume data

With CSAM HelseMail, an 80-150mb MRI can be encrypted, compressed and transferred between a radiology institute and radiologist in less than a minute. The system allows large volumes of data and all types of attachments, including files, folders (for example, DICOM-radiology images), images and video.

Radiology scan.

Safe & Compliant Data Transfer

Securely send sensitive or confidential patient information

CSAM HelseMail meets all compliance and confidentiality requirements for the handling of sensitive patient information. The system employs a patented, self-developed transport agent that ensures authentication, packaging, encryption, compression, distribution, prioritisation, and validation of information.

Before information is shared, a legal agreement is established between the organisations or legal entities that wish to exchange patient information through the solution.

Communication in CSAM HelseMail goes from a “secure zone” of the sender to a “secure zone” of the receiver, and all data is end-to-end encrypted. The system offers configurable access rights for each user and all communication goes to and from pre-defined groups set up by each administrator.

CSAM HelseMail is a compliant and safe system for sharing large volumes of sensitive patient information on both Norsk Helsenett (NHN) and the internet.

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