CSAM Web Client

CSAM Web Client

Innovative Connectivity and Desktop Work Environment

CSAM Web Client is a web-based user interface and connectivity solution that allows users to access multiple CSAM applications and functions, including CSAM Cardio and CSAM Media. CSAM Web Client is a fully XDS-integrated viewer that both supplements and enhances CSAM’s other XDS offerings.

Nurse looking at tablet.

Completely Supplier Independent

Smooth integration with all healthcare systems

CSAM Web Client delivers tomorrow’s eHealth solutions, based on the highest demands for functionality and user-friendliness. The solution offers healthcare professionals a easy-to-use interface with robust support for their day-to-day work.

All Patient Information in One Place

Improve patient safety & care

CSAM Web Client helps integrate data from a variety of different systems directly into patient journals. Using CSAM Media and CSAM Cardio, users can access image capture and diagnostic tools, including videos and radiology data, as well as ECG data and diagnostics, regardless of the medical devices used to capture this information.

Technician interacting with monitor.
Doctor using tablet.

Build a Complete Clinical Suite

Functionality for all healthcare needs

In addition to CSAM’s other connected healthcare products, including VNA, XDS, storage and distribution solutions, CSAM Web Client and other CSAM products can be used to build a complete clinical suite where the end-user can access multiple, specialised eHealth solutions to meet their needs.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Vendor-neutral, integrating with dozens of different media sources and hospital systems, including EPRs and patient information systems.


Flexible enough to meet the needs of any organisation, from single-use to hospital or region-wide installations.


Continuously updated in cooperation with customers to ensure it delivers the greatest value for their operations.

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