CSAM Optima Predict

CSAM Optima Predict

A comprehensive, intelligent solution for operational planning

With CSAM Optima Predict, emergency organisations around the world can test resourcing and operational changes before they happen using best-practice discrete event simulation. Perform detailed, comparative analysis on historical and simulated data across almost any aspect of performance.

Best-in-class for emergency modelling

Analyse changes before they happen

Predict shows you the likely impacts of internal and external changes, from dispatch procedures to pandemics, on your ability to meet your targets and improve patient outcomes. Almost any scenario can be modelled, simulated and analysed to see the effects by region, by priority and more.

Advanced optimisation tools

Get better results from your scarce resources

Advanced tools allow Predict to suggest optimised solutions to difficult resourcing problems such as vehicle mix, base location, and deployment and posting behaviour. These results can then be compared with historical performance using Predict’s powerful simulation and visualisation tools.

A new way to think about planning

Make data-driven operational decisions

Traditional decisions can be made on anything from a hunch to an expensive real-world trial. A Predict model combines your organisation’s own data, our team’s expertise, and best practice mathematical modelling to allow a step change in consistent, data-driven decision-making.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Provides custom tools to import your organisation’s data for simulation and analysis. Results can be analysed in Predict or exported into any external analysis tool.


A proven solution for emergency medical, fire and rescue, for urban and rural, and from small operations to the world’s largest.


Based on academic operations research and continuously updated and enhanced based on customer and market needs.

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