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Public Safety goes Autonomous

When every second counts: Automation and seamless integration between emergency response and health care will make the difference in boosting response efficiency
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Joining the CSAM family as a newly acquired company & establishing a new Health Analytics solutions line

CSAM’s growth strategy is based on acquiring companies that possess a unique combination of customers with recurring revenue streams, company owned product code, and employees with a high-level speciality core competence.
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End of the year greeting from the CSAM CEO

Wishing our customers, partners and friends in the market a very happy holiday season! As 2021 comes to a close,...
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CSAM Health Group and Incendium join forces to provide live video for emergency responders

CSAM and Incendium have entered into a cooperation to secure and streamline delivery of video for emergency response. CSAM has integrated Incendium’s SMS-to-Video solution into its CSAM CoordCom emergency response management tool. The integration of video capability from Incendium enables CSAM to provide additional critical support for emergency responders and live video capability to its CoordCom public safety customers.
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CSAM Health’s public safety CTO emphasizes rapid growth of AI & IoT in public safety arena at Europe’s largest emergency response event

CSAM Health Group today announced that CSAM Public Safety CTO, Anders Sandell, will address the rapid development of IoT and AI technology in the emergency response and health care sectors at the upcoming EENA Conference (European Emergency Number Association) in Riga, October 6th – 8th.
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