CSAM Registries

CSAM Registries

Highly versatile web-based platform for hosting registries

CSAM’s Registries platform (previously MedSciNet Registries) provides a rich and versatile online environment for hosting registries, featuring powerful tools for all phases of the project’s life cycle, from data collection to analysis.

Full Featured

CSAM’s Registries system design draws on our decade long experience of developing web-based software for medical research and offers a sophisticated online application package for hosting, maintaining, and monitoring registry projects of every size and scope. CSAM’s standard registry system implementation features a complete set of components required for setting up a fully functional registry. The system provides support for sophisticated data entry forms, flexible workflow structures, and advanced data validation, monitoring, and analysis.

Highly Customisable

CSAM’s Registries implementations can be further customised to suit your specific needs and requirements on a case-by-case basis. A variety of optional add-on modules offers specialised features such as tools for complex statistical reporting, two-factor authentication, and support for multilingual interfaces.

Easy Integration & Hosting

Studies runs on specialised software developed with attention to optimal security, stability, and reliability, Studies seamlessly integrates with CSAM’s other Health Analytics products, and can be managed in conjunction with electronic patient record systems and external databases. The platform is hosted on a datacentre with 24/7 operation monitoring, daily back-ups, and complete system redundancy.

The Studies platform is powered by CSAM’s Clinical Trial Framework, developed to meet the strict requirements for system integrity, security, and stability that are essential for critical medical research applications.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Provides support for advanced eCRFs with on-the-fly data validation as well as tools for versatile organisation of project structure and data entry workflow.


Can be accessed and monitored from any computer with an internet connection Features a rich set of options for monitoring, displaying, and analysing the collected data


Produces sophisticated and customisable reports based on real-time datasets.

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