CSAM iPana Maternity

CSAM iPana Maternity

A breakthrough cloud-based technology for maternity care

CSAM iPana Maternity is an innovative cloud-based service platform that enables expectant mothers, hospitals and maternity clinics to electronically collect, store and share important medical information at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnant woman using phone at home.

Support for Expectant Mothers

Eliminate paper-based maternity cards

CSAM iPana Maternity empowers expectant mothers to participate in their own healthcare, acting as the link between healthcare providers. The platform eliminates the need for paper-based maternity cards and includes value-added features such as home measurement and diagnostic tools, a calendar of events, information on pregnancy and fetus development and answers to frequently asked questions.

Real-time Information Sharing

Improve communication between healthcare providers

CSAM iPana Maternity enables healthcare providers to digitally update and access all relevant patient information in real-time. The platform ensures maternity clinics have immediate access to data recorded by primary healthcare providers or mothers, and vice versa, acting as an integral part of the existing maternity treatment chain.

Man and pregnant woman looking at laptop at home.
Pregnant woman using laptop at home.

Advanced Risk Assessment

Improve the safety of mother & baby

CSAM iPana Maternity provides healthcare professionals with up-to-date and accurate information for risk assessment, allowing doctors and midwives to identify any risk for complications during pregnancy or birth and make critical decisions to increase patient safety, particularly during complicated or high-risk deliveries.

Technology that supports healthcare organizations today and in the future


Integrates seamlessly within the maternity treatment chain and designed to cooperate with current or future hospital systems, including EPRs.


Cloud-based and flexible solution with no installation or hardware or software making in scalable to any organization.


Continuously updated in cooperation with maternity care clinicians to meet the current and future needs of customers, organizations and health systems.

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