CSAM iPana Hospital

CSAM iPana Hospital

Comprehensive labour information system

CSAM iPana is a web-based user interface, which is divided into sections consistent with the Finnish neonatal and antenatal service process. The system features a user-friendly design and seamless integration with other hospital information systems, health record systems and regional information systems.

Midwife and pregnant woman talking.

Complete Process Support

Improve patient care

CSAM iPana guides healthcare professionals through the labour and delivery process. Information can be easily selected based on the normal course of pregnancy and labour, or for more complicated treatment situations if necessary. The system enables a comprehensive knowledge base to be combined with a simple and intuitive user interface.

Real-Time Labour Information

Increase the safety of mother & baby

One of the leading features of CSAM iPana is the partogram feature, which provides healthcare workers with an overview of the progress of labour at a single glance. All the essential information related to a standard delivery is displayed on a single screen.

Man and pregnant woman looking at laptop at home.
Pregnant woman using laptop at home.

Efficient Quality Control

Quickly generate useful statistics

 CSAM iPana features a standard reporting functionality which enables easy and fast generation of the most commonly used statistics. This allows the customer to make customized searches necessary for research and quality control through the interface to the CSAM iPana database.

Technology that supports healthcare organizations today and in the future


Designed to easily integrate with other hospital systems via the common system interfaces.


Flexible and scalable solution that can be adapted to any organization, regardless of requirements or existing IT systems.


Continuously updated in cooperation with maternity care clinicians to ensure it delivers the greatest value for their operations.

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