CSAM Picsara

CSAM Picsara

The most versatile and secure image management solution available

CSAM Picsara is a complete image management solution that enables image capture, storing and archiving in real time. The system increases precision and enhances the quality of image documentation, accuracy and care. CSAM Picsara is used by many of Sweden’s largest hospitals.

Man getting eye exam.

Complete Image Management

Capture, store & archive images in real time

CSAM Picsara is an easy-to-use system that meets all of an organisation’s image management needs. It works with most medical devices and types of media, making it versatile and suitable for any medical discipline.

Accurate Documentation

Improve patient care & diagnosis

CSAM Picsara assists these healthcare providers in the sharing of clinical images are critical for diagnosis and complete patient records, enabling the high quality of care. Patients can transfer between healthcare professionals or departments without their medical data becoming lost.

Doctor looking at image of an eye on a computer monitor.
Doctor holding endoscopy probe.

Seamless Information Sharing

Combine medical media in a central database

CSAM Picsara allows healthcare professionals to share large amounts of digital information with ease. Users can store annotations and measurements along with images or videos within patient cases. The system makes is quick and easy to sort case images, set priorities and quickly search for specific cases.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Vendor-neutral, integrating with dozens of different media sources and hospital systems, including EPRs and patient information systems.


Flexible enough to meet the needs of any organisation, from single-use to hospital or region-wide installations.


Continuously updated in cooperation with customers to ensure it delivers the greatest value for their operations.

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