CSAM Partus

CSAM Partus

The most comprehensive maternity information system available

CSAM Partus is a complete maternity information system designed to support the documentation and sharing of information between doctors and midwives. It delivers three-dimensional work enhancement with clinical process support, clinical overview, and a variety of statistical reports for quality management and research.  All births in Norwegian hospitals are registered in CSAM Partus or CSAM Natus.

Midwife and pregnant woman talking.

Complete Maternity Support

Enhance the quality of care

CSAM Partus is designed to follow the entire maternity care process and provide a complete record of care – from pregnancy to birth to the postnatal period. It enables multi-professional cooperation and sharing of information across the full spectrum of maternity care providers.

Structured Data Entry

Improve accuracy & efficiency

CSAM Partus offers a unique form of structure data entry that reduces the need for free text, improving the speed and accuracy of data input. The system enables the recording of clinical information at the point of care, including during deliveries.

Doctors using iPad.
Doctor using tablet.

Advanced Risk Assessment

Increase the safety of mother & baby

CSAM Partus delivers real-time risk assessment information so healthcare professionals can quickly and accurately determine any risk to mother or baby and take appropriate action. The system includes a unique alert function, displaying warning icons for important patient safety information.

Technology that supports healthcare organizations today and in the future


Designed to easily integrate with other systems in the maternity process, including ultrasounds, CTG, patient administration systems, and EPRs.


Flexible and scalable solution that can be adapted to any organization, regardless of requirements or existing IT systems.


Continuously updated in cooperation with maternity care clinicians to ensure it delivers the greatest value for their operations.

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