CSAM Infobroker

CSAM Infobroker

Transformative information sharing technology for Radiology

CSAM Infobroker is a vendor-neutral telemedicine system for Radiology that enables multiple clinicians to share resources and knowledge, allowing patients to move freely between healthcare providers and organisations.

Technician and patient in MRI machine.

Complete Access to Patient Data

Improve patient care

CSAM Infobroker increases cooperation and coordination between Radiology departments, virtually eliminating issues related to patient transfers. Radiologists can access information and send images for diagnosis to any clinic or hospital within their network.

Fast Review & Referrals

Reduce wait times & costs

With CSAM Infobroker, Radiologists can quickly send referrals and images for first or second review to other sites. The system eliminates the need for organisations to have a Radiologist on-site at all time.

Radiology scan.
Doctor using tablet.

Effective Case Load Management

Shorten case backlogs

CSAM Infobroker assists Radiologists in managing their case loads with the ability to move referrals or review to less busy sites, utilise private organisations during peak times, or send backlog referrals to a shared pool where any Radiologist can voluntarily accept them.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Integrates tightly with an organisation’s existing RIS and PACS, delivering interoperability between vendors.


Suitable for Radiology departments or organisations of any size and scalable enough to ingrate departments across a regional or national level.


Continuously updated in cooperation with customers to ensure it delivers the greatest value for their operations.

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