A breakthrough platform for self-care and health counselling

CSAM S7 is a comprehensive self-care and health counselling solution that simplifies the interaction between a patient and their healthcare provider. The platform includes user and professional portals, as well as mobile applications. It is currently used by service providers in the public, private, social care and welfare sectors.

Man and pregnant woman looking at laptop at home.

24/7 Access to Health Information

Save resources & reduce costs

CSAM S7 gives patients around-the-clock access to their health information, including personal health records, lab results, diagnoses, medication and more. Patients can also book appointments online and fill out preliminary forms, giving healthcare professionals more time to focus on patient care.

Secure Video & Chat

Increase efficiency of patient contacts

CSAM S7 enables chat and video consultations or full video-based appointments between patients and their healthcare providers, including people with special needs, such as chronic illnesses, the elderly and the disabled.

Senior citizen using tablet at home.
Doctor looking at iPhone.

At-Home Measurement Tools

Improve Disease Management

CSAM S7 features at-home measurement of a number of vital health factors from home, including blood sugar, sleep, alcohol, blood pressure, asthma, weight, and more. The platform also includes a broad range of well-being tests to help patients understand the effects of their living habits.

Technology that supports healthcare organisations today and in the future


Designed for simple integration with existing service platforms, third-party labs, appointment booking systems, and a variety of home measurement devices.


A modular SaaS platform that is flexible and scalable to any organisation, number of users, or amount of traffic. Suitable for cities, municipalities or private user organizations.


Continuously updated in cooperation with customers to ensure it delivers the greatest value for their operations.

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