CSAM Arcidis

CSAM Arcidis

Integrated system for teleradiology

CSAM Arcidis is a simple, fast and integrated system for the teleradiology domain. The system can be tailored to a customer’s needs, offering a fully integrated solution for large institutes with high volumes of data, or as a cost-effective, stand-alone application for smaller institutes with less production.

Radiology scan.

Fast & Efficient Information Sharing

Handle large amounts of data with ease

With CSAM Arcidis, an 80-150mb MRI can be encrypted, compressed and transferred between a radiology institute and radiologist in less than a minute. Radiological images and corresponding patient data are fetched from a RIS and PACS via the system’s integration module and can be sent to a chosen customer where the data is automatically imported into the receiving customer’s solution.

Simple & Easy to Use

Improve workflow efficiency

CSAM Arcidis was designed with the end user in mind. Great emphasis has been placed on creating a simple and efficient workflow. The system makes it easy to select what information to send and to whom, so healthcare professionals can spend more time with their patients. CSAM Arcidis has received positive feedback from customers and the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs.

Doctor using tablet.

Secure & Compliant

Share sensitive patient data with confidence

The CSAM Arcidis transport service is a unique, proprietary and patented transport agent that enables authentication, packaging, encryption, compression, distribution, prioritising and validation of information and data.  The solution is developed based on requirements from The Norwegian Data Protection Authority for safe handling of patient information.

All data is end-to-end encrypted and unique encription keys are assigned for each organisation (sender/recipient).

The CSAM Arcidis transport service is a compliant and safe way to share large volumes of sensitive patient information on both Norsk Helsenett (NHN) and the internet.

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