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Powering the Future of Digital Healthcare

October 15, 2019
Across the world, innovative technologies have driven digital transformation in healthcare, redefining how healthcare is accessed and delivered. From GPS...
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CSAM Arcid: A Nordic eHealth Pioneer

September 3, 2019
Today, technology is a critical part of healthcare – from a hospital’s general administration and electronic patient records to the...
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A Synergistic Approach to Driving Organic Sales

August 16, 2019
With the rise of chronic illness and an ageing population, healthcare systems across the globe are challenged by the need...
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Strengthening Nordic Leadership through Strategic M&As

July 23, 2019
Technological innovation, customer consolidation, and increased regulation are hallmarks of today's eHealth landscape. While these markets trends bring challenges, they...
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The Dawn of a New Era for Maternity Support

June 21, 2016
Through its third acquisition in 18 months, CSAM now leads the way towards an integrated Maternity eHealth platform for the...
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CSAM Moves Forward

January 25, 2016
The merger of CSAM and Finnish Mawell’s eSystem division January 29th 2016 has yielded a powerful Nordic eHealth company with a...
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