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Modernizing Maternity Information Sharing

November 8, 2018
Having a baby is one of life’s greatest moments. It can also be an overwhelming experience. For expectant mothers, proper...
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Connecting Life-Saving Resources in an Emergency

September 17, 2018
From a small accident or fire to a complex disaster, when an emergency strikes, fast, reliable and accurate communication is...
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Managing the Complexity of Cancer Treatment

August 13, 2018
A cancer diagnosis is life changing. For most patients, treatment is complex, involving a variety of medications that may include...
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CSAM ProSang: Successful History, Bright Future

June 3, 2018
When CSAM ProSang launched more than 50 years ago to a small number of users in Sweden, it was hard...
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News Articles

The Dawn of a New Era for Maternity Support

June 21, 2016
Through its third acquisition in 18 months, CSAM now leads the way towards an integrated Maternity eHealth platform for the...
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CSAM Moves Forward

January 25, 2016
The merger of CSAM and Finnish Mawell’s eSystem division January 29th 2016 has yielded a powerful Nordic eHealth company with a...
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