Digitalization of Healthcare – The Ideas Deciding Our Digital Future

Digitalization in healthcare is transforming the industry and improving services. CSAM’s Chief Strategy Officer, Glenn Kenneth Bruun, discusses digitalization trends and technology, and the key concepts he believes are central to effective digital transformation and positive change within healthcare. There is no denying that healthcare technology has undergone considerable changes in the last 50 years. [...]
Scanning a blood bag

The Digital Trends that are Transforming Healthcare

As the demand for and cost of healthcare continues to rise, digital technologies are increasingly recognised as an essential part of the solution to overburdened healthcare systems. With the potential to enable effective integration of services, improve patient outcomes and deliver safer, more cost-effective care, the need to embrace these technologies is clear. The adoption [...]
Jægersborg Dyrehave, Denmark.

Powering the Future of Digital Healthcare

Across the world, innovative technologies have driven digital transformation in healthcare, redefining how healthcare is accessed and delivered. From GPS navigation in ambulances to mobile health apps at your fingertips, technology has enabled greater access to services, improved quality of care, and enhanced the efficiency of healthcare organisations. This digital transformation began in earnest with [...]
Medical technicians looking at MRI scan.

Information Sharing Technologies are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare systems around the world are transforming, driven by the demand from consumers for more patient-centred care, a desire by healthcare professionals to provide improved quality and efficiency of care, and the need of payers to stem the rising costs of healthcare delivery. Improving the healthcare system on all fronts requires increased information sharing through connected healthcare technologies that provide access to important patient information across various healthcare facilities and providers.

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Specialized eHealth Solutions Ensure Clinical Productivity & Innovation

Over the past decade, technological innovations have transformed most industries, including healthcare. From medical devices to software, digital technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered - in hospitals, in communities, and in your home. In the Nordic countries, the healthcare business is ahead of the curve when it comes to IT adoption. Now, connectivity, [...]