CSAM customer case: The South Central Ambulance Service

The UK’s South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) uses CSAM’s Optima Predict software to model critical operational decisions and determine long-term strategy. The software has become an increasingly crucial component of the service’s decision-making process. SCAS serves a large and geographically diverse region, encompassing Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. It receives approximately 1.2 million 999 calls and attends 500,000 incidents every year. [...]

CSAM customer case: The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

The pressure on ambulance services and health authorities to maximize resources is enormous. That makes CSAM’s Optima Predict software an operational gamechanger. It helps emergency response organisations to optimize the use of their resources whether that’s the ambulance fleet, the ambulance stations, or their human resources. In this case study, we explore how CSAM Optima [...]
Three paramedics running a patient on a stretcher into an ambulance.

CSAM customer case: Valencia 112 emergency response system

With more than five million inhabitants, Valencia is one of the most populous regions in Spain. Valencia 112 is responsible for managing emergency response across the region, receiving an average of 3 million incoming calls every year - more than 8,200 every day. For Valencia 112, CSAM CoordCom software is at the heart of an [...]

How CSAM AMIS cloud helps municipalities regain control

In May 2022, the casualty clinic serving the seven municipalities of Søre Sunnmøre in west Norway went live with a cloud implementation of CSAM AMIS – the first “legevakt” to do so. “There are just two of us running the clinic, two nurses,” says Erlend Bae, manager of Søre Sunnmøre. “It’s difficult for us to [...]

Whitepaper: How CSAM AMIS marries functionality with health outcomes

Unique yet universal CSAM has been a leading technology provider to the Norwegian healthcare system for almost two decades. A cornerstone of its eHealth ecosystem is AMIS, the call centre platform that has registered and handled more than 10 million emergency incidents across all municipalities in Norway since it came onto the market. AMIS was [...]

CSAM People – Meet Jonas Borgström

As former fireman and paramedic, Jonas Borgström is ideally placed to drive life-saving change at CSAM Paratus It is not surprising that Saab wanted Jonas Borgström to join Paratus as manager of sales; what is rather more unusual is that they rang him from Thailand – “It was the middle of the night in Sweden” [...]

The Public Safety growth story

CSAM has for many years boosted its growth through successful acquisitions. In 2021, CSAM’s M&A strategy proved particularly successful in the Public Safety business area. The company acquired two organisations with significant strategic and operational value and strengthened CSAM’s position in the Nordic, European and US markets. Carmenta was a sizable addition to CSAM’s Public [...]

Public Safety goes Autonomous

When every second counts: Automation and seamless integration between emergency response and health care will make the difference in boosting response efficiency

CSAM Health Group and Incendium join forces to provide live video for emergency responders

CSAM and Incendium have entered into a cooperation to secure and streamline delivery of video for emergency response. CSAM has integrated Incendium’s SMS-to-Video solution into its CSAM CoordCom emergency response management tool. The integration of video capability from Incendium enables CSAM to provide additional critical support for emergency responders and live video capability to its CoordCom public safety customers.