CSAM People – Meet Kirsten Freadrich

The future is connected healthcare – and it is founded on data consolidation Canadian-born Kirsten Freadrich spearheaded a huge and complex project of data consolidation, and a template of transformative change for all Swedish health regions. She is now using the power of connection to deliver innovation at CSAM’s Connected Healthcare arm If it wasn’t [...]
Jægersborg Dyrehave, Denmark.

Powering the Future of Digital Healthcare

Across the world, innovative technologies have driven digital transformation in healthcare, redefining how healthcare is accessed and delivered. From GPS navigation in ambulances to mobile health apps at your fingertips, technology has enabled greater access to services, improved quality of care, and enhanced the efficiency of healthcare organisations. This digital transformation began in earnest with [...]
Landscape with water

CSAM Arcid: A Nordic eHealth Pioneer

Today, technology is a critical part of healthcare – from a hospital’s general administration and electronic patient records to the most specialised healthcare provider’s workflow. eHealth technology is so ubiquitous, it is hard to imagine that just a few decades ago, many of the systems we now take for granted did not exist. In the [...]