CSAM iPrena

Information System for Prenatal Clinics

CSAM iPrena is the newcomer of CSAM iPana’s product family. CSAM iPrena is an information system for prenatal clinics which enables straightforward management of customer details. The development of CSAM iPrena is based on intuitive design and customer-oriented use also after the actual system implementation phase.

A Web-based Anamnesis Form enabling customers to submit the background information on pregnancies over a secured internet connection can be integrated to CSAM iPrena. In this way, the information submitted on the web-based form is automatically transferred to CSAM iPrena for easy access by the neonatal clinic personnel. The need for paper printouts is history. CSAM iPrena features a function for scheduling appointments directly in the calendar of the examining professional in the iFetus Prenatal Screening system.

CSAM iPrena communicates with the special healthcare system CSAM iPana making the essential pregnancy details available for the maternity outpatient clinics and the maternity wards at all times. This leaves the personnel of neonatal clinics with more time to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of customers. CSAM iPana sends all the essential information on the birth and puerperium of each mother to CSAM iPrena to be appended to the neonatal information sheet.

Why CSAM iPrena?

  1. CSAM iPrena enables effortless and straightforward management of health records at neonatal clinics.
  2. CSAM iPrena enables efficient and up-to-date maintenance of customer records.
  3. CSAM iPrena allows integration with the other solutions in the CSAM iPana product family – the amount of paper printouts is reduced.