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The Dawn of a New Era for Maternity Support

Through its third acquisition in 18 months, CSAM now leads the way towards an integrated Maternity eHealth platform for the Nordic countries.

CSAM has been a leading maternity software vendor for many years, and following the acquisition of Finnish software company MediWare Oy, we now witness the birth of a true collaborative maternity platform for the Nordics.

Nurse and Product Manager, Lilly Marit Angermoe
Lilly Marit Angermoe
Nurse and Product Manager

– This is an important step forward for pregnant women, midwives and doctors in the Nordics, said Lilly Angermo, CSAM’s Maternity Product Manager. Lilly is an experienced nurse, and has been working with women’s and children’s health for many years.

She is convinced that combining technologies from the two leading companies will generate the strongest maternity workflow support tool for the future: – Not only are we combining products and groups of expert users on the hospital side, but we also integrate solutions for pregnant women and community healthcare workers, said Angermo. – From now on, we support the complete maternity value chain through a huge installed base. No other eHealth vendor has reached that position in the Nordics.

Business Analyst Minna Hernandez
Minna Hernandez
Midwife and business analyst

Minna Hernandez is an experienced midwife working on Lilly’s team in CSAM. She is delighted about the new opportunities and explains why this milestone represents a new era for maternity care: – Giving birth to a child is one of the most important moments in life for parents.

– Thousands of detailed information elements are shared during the pregnancy and birthing process. Sharing updated quality information digitally through the whole value chain, will reduce patient risk and supports everyone’s desire for a safer childbirth, Hernandez said.

Read more about the acquisition in the press release.