Jægersborg Dyrehave, Denmark.

Powering the Future of Digital Healthcare

Across the world, innovative technologies have driven digital transformation in healthcare, redefining how healthcare is accessed and delivered. From GPS navigation in ambulances to mobile health apps at your fingertips, technology has enabled greater access to services, improved quality of care, and enhanced the efficiency of healthcare organisations.

This digital transformation began in earnest with the introduction and proliferation of computers in healthcare organisations. This early technology paved the way for large-scale digitisation – converting traditional forms of information, such as paper and photos, into digital formats.

In the late 1990s, as digital storage was becoming more efficient and cost-effective than paper, Kibi was formed. Understanding the value that digital technology could bring to organisations, the company offered an innovative documentation system to private sector customers in healthcare and in finance and insurance as well.

– Kibi was an early enabler of digital transformation by providing the documentation tools need to digitise huge volumes of paper-based data, said Massimo Johansson, Head of Sales and Business Development for CSAM Kibi. – It was an era of rapid growth within the healthcare industry, and Kibi quickly became a market leader in medical documentation with a system that helped customers scan large volumes of documents every day.

Massimo Johansson, Head of Sales & Business Development, CSAM Kibi

With a combination of foresight and innovative technology, the company transformed itself over the next 20 years from a small documentation vendor to a specialised, niche eHealth company with offices throughout the Nordics.

– Our eHealth solutions simplify and streamline the flow of healthcare data by integrating medical images, documents and electrocardiograms (ECGs) directly into patient journals, said Johansson. – We provide healthcare professionals with direct access to all patient information, facilitating fast, simple, safe and accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Today, the company’s products are used by 20 health regions in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, by 200 000 end users in more than 100 Nordic hospitals and healthcare centres of all sizes.

Integrated eHealth Solutions

Earlier this year, CSAM acquired Kibi, creating an unmatched portfolio of software solutions in the medical documentation, medical imaging and connected healthcare domains.

– Our solutions are entirely supplier-independent for smooth integration with all healthcare systems, said Johansson. – Our products deliver safe and quality care for patients, combined with efficiency and cost-effectiveness for hospitals and healthcare providers.

The company’s foundational product is CSAM Web Client – a web-based user interface that functions as the connectivity and desktop work environment for end-users. From CSAM Web Client, the user can access multiple applications and functions, including those for document and image handling and management (scanning, storing and viewing).

– CSAM Web Client is a fully XDS-integrated viewer, both supplementing and enhancing CSAM’s existing XDS solution offering, said Glenn Kenneth Bruun, CSAM’s Chief Strategy Officer. – In addition to viewing solutions, our connected healthcare solutions include VNA, XDS, storage and distribution solutions, enabling CSAM to bundle these services as a complete clinical suite, where the end-user has access to multiple specialised eHealth solutions.

CSAM Cardio, a complete ECG and diagnostic storage tool, is one of the specialised solutions that integrates with CSAM Web Client. The vendor-independent system captures signals from any ECG equipment and makes the data available in diagnostic tools in patient journals. The Capital Region of Denmark uses this solution to handle 800 000 to one million ECGs per year.

With the introduction of this solution in Denmark, the company became one of the first to integrate with the large electronic patient records (EPR) system.

– The Capital Region of Denmark was previously using three different solutions for ECGs across the region, said Johansson. – With CSAM Cardio, they were able to switch to a single solution that handled all ECGs while seamlessly integrating with their patient records. The result is a streamlined process for healthcare organisations with increased safety and quality of care for patients.

In addition to CSAM Web Client and CSAM Cardio, the company also offers a complete medical imaging solution, CSAM Media. The web-based solution handles all aspects of medical images and video – including collection, evaluation, viewing, storage and distribution. CSAM Media is compatible with all healthcare systems and medical equipment in use at outpatient, inpatient and primary healthcare facilities.

– The company is one of the relatively few solution providers that address both DICOM and non-DICOM formats, with full integration of all medical imaging components with various EPR systems. The solutions are compliant and extend our product and service offering above and beyond existing CSAM products, added Bruun.

Building CSAM’s Future 

With the acquisition of Kibi, CSAM strengthens its leading portfolio of scalable, integrated and innovative niche eHealth solutions. The synergies created by integrating Kibi into CSAM’s organisation will not only drive the company’s growth but will benefit customers and patients alike.

– Beyond the addition of many complementary products to CSAM’s portfolio of solutions in connected healthcare and medical imaging, we also gain several new customers in key markets, including Denmark, Sweden and Finland, said Bruun. – We are excited to work with these customers to continue delivering the solutions they rely on, while also building value with new and integrated offerings.

– Becoming a part of CSAM opens up a breadth of new opportunities for us to bring our solutions to new customers, and expand our reach in key markets, said Johansson. – We can also further develop our platforms, and integrate them with CSAM’s leading products, to deliver a suite of specialised eHealth solutions that help our customers solve their greatest healthcare challenges.

The power of this integration creates enormous potential for CSAM to grow its impact, providing integrated, scalable solutions that deliver value for customers and improve the quality of care for patients across the Nordics and beyond.

Per Kjell – Nordic Delivery Manager; Jörgen Persson – System Architect; Patrik Mattsson – System Engineer; Jacob Lindberg – Product Manager; Brian Artz – System Developer