Meet CSAM Fertsoft at the Danish Fertility Conference, Nyborg, Denmark (March 12-13)

CSAM Fertsoft is excited to participate at the Danish Fertility Conference (link) expo at Nyborg Strand Hotel, Nyborg, Denmark, March 12th-13th.

What will we feature?

CSAM Fertsoft – Complete care and practice management software for ART clinics

CSAM Fertsoft helps clinics make use out of patient and treatment data and make informed treatment decisions based on statistics and research. The software handles documentation of clinical data, as well as administrative functions. The system is tailored to the specific needs of the clinic through modularization. This means that the clinic does not have to change existing routines. When introducing new methods or procedures for fertility treatments, the system can be quickly and easily adapted to accommodate them.



During the conference expo, experts from CSAM Fertsoft with share how to increase efficiency:

  • Streamline your workflow through modular design
  • Integrate your clinic
  • Experience true clinical teamwork
  • Save time using custom templates
  • Utilize your Data for Confident Decision-Making

Read more here too learn about CSAM Fertsoft