Whitepaper: How CSAM AMIS marries functionality with health outcomes

Unique yet universal

CSAM has been a leading technology provider to the Norwegian healthcare system for almost two decades. A cornerstone of its eHealth ecosystem is AMIS, the call centre platform that has registered and handled more than 10 million emergency incidents across all municipalities in Norway since it came onto the market.

AMIS was developed and customised for the health and public safety infrastructure in Norway, which is complex, highly individual, and imperfect – just like every other system in the world. But while the way it functions may be unique to the Norwegian context, its function is universal: to provide easily accessible, fast, accurate and compassionate acute care to the public.

CSAM has extensively re-engineered its AMIS solution – and relied a great deal on the input of its end-users to do so. One of those users, Louise Kloppenborg Olsen, is responsible for training and supervising staff at the Oslo Accident and Emergency Outpatient Clinic, Department of Emergency General Practice.

For a healthcare centre that receives as many as 1,000 calls a day, efficiency is vital. But more than that, patients want to communicate their concerns and need health professionals to listen actively. CSAM AMIS creates the space for that dialogue and that rapport.

This white paper is not a guide to the AMIS software; insofar as we explore the functionalities of the technology it is only to highlight how they make life easier for the operator and improve patient outcomes. The more highly these are correlated, the better the system. And as we explore in the white paper, the experiences of Kloppenborg Olsen and her team have been central in shaping the direction of the software.

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  • Medical records came with a lot of ‘pre-filled’ information because the system recognises caller numbers
  • Flexibility of UI saves time, and avoids navigational pain points
  • All relevant information is on one screen, allowing operators to give their full attention to the patient
  • Manchester triage is implemented in AMIS, with time-saving dropdowns for medical conditions
  • System functionality is designed to give operators time and space to listen to the patient, especially during the critical first 30 seconds

Read more about how CSAM AMIS helps to optimise out-of-hours and acute care. Download our whitepaper here

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