Two interconnected metal puzzle pieces with CSAM and Mawell logo. Illustration.

CSAM Moves Forward

The merger of CSAM and Finnish Mawell’s eSystem division January 29th 2016 has yielded a powerful Nordic eHealth company with a wide range of competitive and complementary products.

Unlike many local suppliers of clinical systems, CSAM’s distribution of software solutions is now balanced between Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland in addition to a carefully growing export outside the Nordics. With customers and employees in several countries, CSAM is able to ensure sustainable development of software within existing and new areas of specialization.

– I am delighted about this acquisition and that our two strong product divisions are joining forces,” says Sverre Flatby, CEO of CSAM in Norway. – These two like-minded teams of great people will enable us to pursue our growth strategy and strengthen our position. It enables us to deliver superior value to our clients and employees.

Read more about CSAM and Mawell in the press release.

– The Nordic healthcare business is well-known around the world for its structure, availability and high quality, Flatby continues.
– The merger of CSAM & Mawell product divisions secures that excellent eHealth software innovations from the Nordic healthcare business are offered to a broader market in the future.