CSAM Health Group expands executive team – further cultivates ambitious growth trajectory

Oslo, Norway: CSAM Health Group AS (“CSAM”), the leading provider of niche eHealth solutions in the Nordics and growing, today announced introduction of two new executives to the company’s management team to support the company’s accelerated growth. Both will be based in CSAM’s Oslo HQ.

Senior HR expert Kjetil Skogen will join as Chief HR Officer from September 1st in a move to cultivate the company’s long-term M&A growth and organisational transformation. In an addition, Anna-Karin Østlie will join ranks with the CSAM management team as one of two Executive VPs within the company’s centrally managed business areas, on October 1st. Østlie comes to CSAM from MD role at Mastercard Payment Services Norway.

The eHealth niche software provider is rapidly making a name for itself outside the Nordics with the acquisitions of four new, complementary product portfolios since December 2020. CSAM’s completely new Health Analytics offering was established with the acquisition of MedSciNet in May.

Today, short-term priorities include boosting internal infrastructure and manpower to manage integration activities and drive the company’s strong M&A growth trajectory.

– “A prerequisite to achieving our ambitious expansion goals, while simultaneously taking the best care of our employees is capturing the international expertise and experience needed for developing a strong, cohesive organization as we grow across geographical and cultural borders,” confirms Sverre Flatby, CEO at CSAM Health Group. Thus, we are enhancing our executive team with additional new expertise to support our accelerated growth.

– “With our rapidly expanding customer, product, and people base, we aim to tap Anna-Karin’s extensive experience and gather five product domains within CSAM’s eHealth services offerings under one business area. These include Connected Healthcare, Medical Imaging, Women & Children’s Health, Medication Management, and LIMS”

At Mastercard, Østlie led an organisation of 100+ employees responsible for delivering critical infrastructure both to the health regions, other large government organisations and wide range of private sectors industries. She has also held VP position at DNB developing DNB’s health insurance portfolio, and previously led a London-based project for setting up the UK’s National Pandemic Flu Service.

In March, with the acquisition of Carmenta Public Safety, Johan Hedensiö, was appointed to Executive VP of the newly established Public Safety business area at CSAM – which will be a significant business driver moving forward. Hedensiö is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a team of product, sales, and support staff for managing CSAM’s Public Safety products and serving customers globally. The combination of Hendensiö and Østlie as Executive VPs for the two business areas is strengthening CSAM’s growth potential.

– “As CSAM works to smoothly integrate its newest employees into one cohesive organisation, Chief HR Officer Kjetil Skogen will be an asset in developing CSAM’s most important resources – our team, continues Flatby. He will aid in building the CSAM organisation as we continue to cultivate our robust growth strategy. “

Skogen brings extensive HR expertise to CSAM in driving organisational transformations and integrating companies with different cultures into one – with a strong focus on people and a one-company culture.
His broad international experience from Philip Morris International, out of their Headquarters in Lausanne Switzerland, leading the transformational journey of the company moving away from traditional tobacco, and from Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Diego area, California, leading successful multimillion dollar M&A projects across USA and Europe, will prove highly valuable to our organisational development.

Growing outside the Nordics

CSAM is already market leader in the Nordics with ambitions to become the preferred choice for niche eHealth solutions in Europe and beyond. It’s unique strategy for growth by acquisition is rapidly aiding the company with the most recent acquisition of Optima products including a customer base and brand recognition in Europe, North America, and New Zealand.


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About CSAM
CSAM has established itself as a leading Nordic niche player in the specialised eHealth market with a unique blend of best-in-class innovative technology, and outstanding human skills. The company’s diverse portfolio of software solutions enables healthcare providers to access relevant clinical information at the point of care. CSAM’s commercial headquarters are in Oslo, Norway. In addition, CSAM has 17 local offices in 10 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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