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CSAM Customer Case: Nordic IVF

Nordic IVF has been providing assisted reproductive treatments since 2007. It is now part of the Eugin Group and encompasses four clinics – two in Stockholm and one in both Malmo and Gothenburg. All Nordic IVF’s clinics use CSAM Fertsoft software to manage data, inform clinical decision-making and ensure safe and effective treatments.

“We use the system for everything we do in the clinic. It is an essential part of our day-to-day operations,” explains Anna-Lena Wennberg, Senior physician at Nordic IVF. “Fertility treatments are much more variable today,” continued Anna-Lena. “Previously, there was only micro-injection or IVF. Now, there are so many combinations of treatments available. And that complex information needs to be communicated quickly and accurately between doctors, nurses, lab technicians and patients.”

Nordic IVF has been using CSAM Fertsoft for more than a decade. In our latest customer case, you can read more about how the solution’s features are tailored to meet the evolving needs of medical teams and individual clinics.

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