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A Synergistic Approach to Driving Organic Sales

With the rise of chronic illness and an ageing population, healthcare systems across the globe are challenged by the need to provide quality patient care while containing costs. Niche eHealth solutions can play a critical role in helping solve these healthcare challenges, but there is more to success than just good technology. Companies must also be able to commercialise their solutions in a highly complex and rapidly evolving market.

Over the past decade, CSAM has grown its portfolio of software solutions across key domains of value for the healthcare system, accomplishing this through a combination of select development projects and strategic mergers and acquisitions (M&As). CSAM’s sales organisation not only ensures healthcare organisations and providers are aware of these new solutions and their valuable benefits, but they work closely with customers to understand their needs and drive high customer satisfaction.

– CSAM’s organic sales strategy is a core element of the company’s success, complementing and benefitting from our product development and M&As, said Rolf-Henry Grønlund, CSAM’s Chief Sales Officer. – By developing new or existing solutions, acquiring new customers and business, and exporting our solutions to new markets, we can unlock synergistic opportunities for sales.

And this strategy is paying off. In 2018, CSAM’s results outpaced market growth, and the number of sales cases closed increased significantly from 2016 to 2018.

– The success of our organic sales approach comes not just from our dedicated sales team, but from embedding a commercial mindset throughout the organisation, said Grønlund. – From the product managers to the managing directors to shared services and development, everyone is involved in the commercial success of CSAM.

Building Strategic Partnerships  

Over the past decade, the Nordic hospital sector has been reconfigured into fewer and larger administrative units, increasing the decision-making power of the regions. For eHealth companies, providing more than one solution or product to a region increases its ability to engage in meaningful conversations about the future of healthcare.

Rolf-Henry Grønlund – Chief Sales Officer

– What we see today is that regions are looking for more than just vendors, they are looking for strategic partners who can help them solve big-picture healthcare challenges, said Grønlund

– As CSAM grows its suite of solutions, we increase our value to the regions and hospitals because we can offer fully integrated solutions that help them solve their most pressing issues.

And CSAM’s active M&A strategy adds fuel to the fire.

One of Sweden’s largest regions has been a CSAM customer for several years, using CSAM Picsara for their medical imaging.  In 2017, CSAM acquired ProSang, the leading blood, cell and tissue management system in Scandinavia, a product the region had already been using for some time. In 2018, CSAM acquired the Paratus emergency response business, which the region also used.

– Now instead of providing one solution, CSAM provides three, strengthening our relationship and increasing our value to this important customer, said Grønlund. – We meet with the region twice a year to discuss how we can support them with additional solutions or services, leading to increased sales over the long-term.

Growing its portfolio of products and customers through acquisitions has led to a wealth of opportunities for cross-promotions, add-ons and integrations, strengthening CSAM’s relationships with customers from single hospitals to entire regions.

Broadening Market & Customer Reach

One of the ways in which CSAM increases its organic sales is by exporting its specialised solutions to new markets and customers. Here again, M&As open doors that can increase the company’s sales opportunities.

When CSAM purchased Mawell in 2016, the company acquired its S7 solution – a cloud-based platform for self-care and health counselling. S7 was and is still used with great success by the city of Oulu in Finland; a city recognised as a leader in healthcare connectivity throughout the industry.

– In Oulu, the S7 platform has more than 88 000 users and manages over 40 000 patient encounters per month, said Grønlund.– And the city of Oulu estimates the savings at one million euros per year.

Today, CSAM is working to export the solution to Sweden, working with an existing CSAM ProSang customer in that country to implement the platform.

And exporting these technologies to new markets and customers isn’t just for recently acquired products. CSAM’s leading oncology medication management solution, CSAM Cytodose, has been a leader in Norway for nearly a decade. Now, the company is looking to bring this leading solution to Finland.

– Exporting our solutions across geographic markets drives organic growth and strengthens CSAM’s leadership in multiple domains throughout the Nordics, said Grønlund.– It also allows us to make these vital software solutions available to other healthcare providers and patients who can benefit from them. 

Cultivating Commercial Awareness

Over the past few years, CSAM has increased both its marketing and sales effectiveness, implementing dedicated teams, tools and technologies. But building the company’s overall commercial awareness has also been a significant driver for organic sales.

– CSAM’s product managers and local managing directors play a crucial role in customer satisfaction and ongoing communication that informs our sales strategy, said Grønlund. – These are the people working ‘on the ground’ and close to the users in each country, so it is vital that they possess a commercial mindset.

CSAM’s product managers, in particular, have a deep understanding of their customer needs, environment and work processes. They know what customers want today, but they are also in the best position to predict what customers will want tomorrow, or what they may not know they want.

– Mining our product managers’ deep insights from years of working collaboratively with customers is a key part of the sales organisation and process at CSAM, said Grønlund. – This information allows us to pursue the kinds of product development, M&A and sales strategies that deliver value for both CSAM and our customers for years to come.