CSAM Announces Deal to Acquire KIBI

The transaction expands CSAM’s leadership in the Nordic niche eHealth market OSLO, Norway – CSAM announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire KIBI – a medical diagnostics and documentation company with offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. KIBI’s medical imaging solutions are used by more than 100 Nordic hospitals and healthcare centres [...]
Woman holding phone with CSAM CIMA app

CSAM CIMA: A New Generation in Mobile Medical Imaging

The use of mobile technology has rapidly expanded in healthcare organisations, transforming many aspects of clinical practice, from medical education to patient care. Within the field of clinical imaging, mobile technology has the potential to enhance media capture and documentation, support better clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes.

However, in this highly complex and regulated environment,

CSAM Announces Deal to Acquire Arcid AS

The transaction further strengthens CSAM’s leadership in the Nordic niche eHealth market

OSLO, Norway – CSAM announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Arcid – a Norwegian eHealth company that focuses on information flow in the teleradiology domain.

Arcid provides eHealth solutions that improve workflows and simplify the interaction between healthcare professionals.  

CSAM Opens New Office in Stockholm, Sweden

New location accommodates the company’s rapid growth within the niche eHealth market

Oslo, Norway– CSAM recently announced the opening of a new office in Stockholm, Sweden, which will bring together employees who work on some of the company’s leading software lines – CSAM ProSang, CSAM Picsara, CSAM CIMA, CSAM Infobroker and CSAM XDS.

Modernizing Maternity Information Sharing

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest moments. It can also be an overwhelming experience. For expectant mothers, proper care and health during pregnancy and birth will have long-lasting effects on their child’s health.

To ensure the healthy development and security of their developing baby, women see a variety of healthcare professionals on their journey from pre- to post-natal care.

Connecting Life-Saving Resources in an Emergency

From a small accident or fire to a complex disaster, when an emergency strikes, fast, reliable and accurate communication is needed immediately. No matter the size of the incident, many different emergency organizations may be involved, including emergency call centre personnel, paramedics or firefighters, and healthcare professionals at the hospital.

Effective decision making in emergencies relies on all of these emergency response professionals having access to the right information at the right time.

Managing the Complexity of Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. For most patients, treatment is complex, involving a variety of medications that may include chemotherapy, immunotherapy or hormone therapy, as well as supportive medications such as anti-emetics. The drugs used to treat cancer are aggressive and can cause serious adverse effects if the dosage is too high or be ineffective in treating the disease if the dosage is not high enough.

CSAM ProSang: Successful History, Bright Future

When CSAM ProSang launched more than 50 years ago to a small number of users in Sweden, it was hard to imagine the product would grow to become the leading blood, cell, and tissue management solution in Scandinavia.

The story of CSAM ProSang – an advanced Laboratory Information System (LIS) that simplifies the entire management of blood,

CSAM Rises Above the Competition at Vitalis 2018

CSAM delivered an impactful and highly successful program at this year’s Vitalis conference – the largest eHealth conference in Sweden. The three-day event provided an ideal venue for CSAM to meet with existing and potential customers, make a strong connection between its leading products (Picsara, ProSang, Cytodose and Partus) and the CSAM brand, and launch the company’s newest product CSAM CIMA (clinical imaging mobile application).

CSAM Launches New Clinical Imaging Mobile Application at Vitalis

CSAM CIMA brings the power of clinical imaging to a user’s mobile device 

OSLO, Norway – CSAM, the leading provider of niche eHealth solutions in the Nordics, is pleased to announce the launch of CSAM CIMA, the company’s first-ever clinical imaging mobile application. The CSAM CIMA app simplifies and secures the process of capturing,