Digital Maternity Healthcare Solutions – What Does the Future Hold?

Digitalisation is a hot topic in maternity healthcare right now. Although digital technologies have been improving service provision for decades, systemic and structural digitalisation has been slow. Considerable effort went into digitising records and creating digital databases. But, like much of the wider healthcare sector, digital technology that optimises workflows, maximises the value of clinical [...]

Digitalization of Healthcare – The Ideas Deciding Our Digital Future

Digitalization in healthcare is transforming the industry and improving services. CSAM’s Chief Strategy Officer, Glenn Kenneth Bruun, discusses digitalization trends and technology, and the key concepts he believes are central to effective digital transformation and positive change within healthcare. There is no denying that healthcare technology has undergone considerable changes in the last 50 years. [...]

End of the year greeting from the CSAM CEO

Wishing our customers, partners and friends in the market a very happy holiday season! As 2021 comes to a close, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our customers, partners, and friends in the market for a great 2021. We have experienced numerous exciting achievements including the acquisitions of Carmenta Public Safety, [...]

CSAM Health Group and Incendium join forces to provide live video for emergency responders

CSAM and Incendium have entered into a cooperation to secure and streamline delivery of video for emergency response. CSAM has integrated Incendium’s SMS-to-Video solution into its CSAM CoordCom emergency response management tool. The integration of video capability from Incendium enables CSAM to provide additional critical support for emergency responders and live video capability to its CoordCom public safety customers.