CSAM Paratus and Optima Conclude Innovative Cross-Platform Pilot

CSAM’s Paratus and Optima teams have recently completed an innovative pilot that saw them integrate aspects of their respective solutions to benefit the EMS provider in Region Värmland, Sweden. The pilot ensures the customer now has access to advanced historical analytics capabilities by combining the reporting features of CSAM Optima with the operational data collected [...]

7 Ways Virtual Healthcare Solutions Are Pioneering the Future of Medical Care

Virtual medical solutions rank amongst the most exciting and interesting ways healthcare providers leverage digital technology to improve medical care. They have the potential to transform healthcare provision as we know it, improving access, clinical outcomes and engagement with services. In this article, we define virtual healthcare, explain how healthcare providers use these solutions and [...]

The Challenges of Underfunding in Healthcare and Digital Technology’s Role in Mitigating It

Publicly funded healthcare systems are prevalent throughout Europe and remain a source of national pride for many citizens. In the UK, where the NHS is considered the cornerstone of the post-war welfare system, 77% of British citizens report that the NHS makes them “proud to be British” (Hospital Times). Elsewhere, healthcare systems in Scandinavian nations [...]

What Is NG112 Technology? Exploring Next-Gen Solutions for Emergency Medical Services

Having recently participated at the influential European Emergency Number Association (EENA) Conference, we want to shine a spotlight on one of the organisation’s principal focus areas - Next Generation 112 (NG112). The NG112 initiative was central to the discussions throughout the event, with the aim of driving the progress and widespread adoption of more advanced [...]

What Are Digital Health Ecosystems? Our Informative Guide

Digital health ecosystems are changing the way we think about healthcare infrastructure. They drive efficiencies, facilitate professional collaboration and improve patient access to services. In this article, we examine why connected healthcare is such a powerful concept. In doing so, we provide a comprehensive definition, explore how the concept has developed and analyse the benefits [...]

Before Cytodose, cancer treatments were a paper trail

The introduction of CSAM Cytodose transformed the way Uppsala University Hospital coordinates oncology treatments on the ward and in its pharmacy. We talk to Magnus Grabski, the nurse instrumental in its deployment and ongoing development. Founded in 1708, the Akademiska Sjukhuset, or Uppsala University Hospital, is one of the oldest hospitals in Scandinavia with a [...]

Region Västmanland in Sweden selects CSAM Cytodose

Region Västmanland in Sweden has selected CSAM's medication management solution, CSAM Cytodose, to provide comprehensive system support for oncology treatments. Region Västmanland will be the 13th Swedish region to implement CSAM Cytodose. With this new agreement, CSAM reaffirms its position as the leading provider of oncology medication management software in the Nordics. CSAM Cytodose enhances [...]

CSAM Announces a New Contract with Valencia 112 to Develop Police Tool 2.0

CSAM is pleased to announce the completion of a new contract with our long-standing partner, Valencian Agency for Security and Response to Emergencies (AVSRE), to expand on the existing Police Tool platform, which is based on CSAM ResQWebClient and CoordCom products. Building on the success of the CSAM CoordCom 112 and emergency response system solution [...]

CSAM ProSang’s Continued Expansion in Scandinavia

CSAM's innovative blood management solution, ProSang, continues to grow and is the preferred software platform among Scandinavian healthcare authorities. Implemented by the Skåne region in Sweden in 2022, the platform has now achieved complete market coverage, being utilised by all regional healthcare authorities across the country. In 2023, CSAM ProSang will be rolled out in [...]

Customer Case: Hato Hone St John, New Zealand and CSAM Optima Predict

Hato Hone St John provides emergency response and healthcare services to approximately 90% of the population across almost all of New Zealand’s landmass. Delivering services via 1,600 paid employees and 2,300 volunteers, Hato Hone St John answers around 500,000 emergency calls a year, responding from over 200 stations around the country. Over the past decade, Hato Hone St [...]