CSAM People – Meet Jörgen Persson

‘Our new medical imaging platform is the job of my life’ Jörgen Persson is the technology lead of a milestone project that is re-engineering three industry-leading CSAM solutions to create a single life-saving and cost-effective proposition for hospitals and healthcare centres in the Nordics and beyond. “When it comes to coding, I am a bit [...]

How CSAM AMIS cloud helps municipalities regain control

In May 2022, the casualty clinic serving the seven municipalities of Søre Sunnmøre in west Norway went live with a cloud implementation of CSAM AMIS – the first “legevakt” to do so. “There are just two of us running the clinic, two nurses,” says Erlend Bae, manager of Søre Sunnmøre. “It’s difficult for us to [...]

CSAM People – Meet Emma Angebrand

"As the product grows, I grow and CSAM grows" Emma Angebrand manages medical imaging solutions that have been successful for many years, and is now working across CSAM product divisions to make them even more transformative In 2016, the eHealth division of Finnish technology company Mawell Oy was bought by another Scandinavian firm, based in [...]

Whitepaper: How CSAM AMIS marries functionality with health outcomes

Unique yet universal CSAM has been a leading technology provider to the Norwegian healthcare system for almost two decades. A cornerstone of its eHealth ecosystem is AMIS, the call centre platform that has registered and handled more than 10 million emergency incidents across all municipalities in Norway since it came onto the market. AMIS was [...]

CSAM People – Meet Jonas Borgström

As former fireman and paramedic, Jonas Borgström is ideally placed to drive life-saving change at CSAM Paratus It is not surprising that Saab wanted Jonas Borgström to join Paratus as manager of sales; what is rather more unusual is that they rang him from Thailand – “It was the middle of the night in Sweden” [...]

The Public Safety growth story

CSAM has for many years boosted its growth through successful acquisitions. In 2021, CSAM’s M&A strategy proved particularly successful in the Public Safety business area. The company acquired two organisations with significant strategic and operational value and strengthened CSAM’s position in the Nordic, European and US markets. Carmenta was a sizable addition to CSAM’s Public [...]

CSAM People – Meet Svetlana Karpoviče

‘Sometimes we get to help save lives’ Svetlana Karpoviče, project leader at CSAM Health Analytics, has been personally and professionally inspired by the clinical trials she has helped set up Svetlana Karpoviče does not do things by halves. She has four cats, including a white stray called John Snow, but she also volunteers at an [...]

Public Safety goes Autonomous

When every second counts: Automation and seamless integration between emergency response and health care will make the difference in boosting response efficiency

Flowers and plants seen through a rainy window.

M&A Value Creation: Examining CSAM’s Buy, Integrate & Build Model

 CSAM has developed a solid platform for cultivating continued growth in the specialised eHealth market with an active mergers and acquisition (M&A) strategy focusing on niche software ownership and geographical expansion. The company's unique M&A strength lies in its ability to identify and acquire the right businesses and effectively buy, integrate, and build new business [...]