The Birth of Norway’s “Digital Baby”

Sunday 30 March 2014 at 1:00 p.m. marked an historic milestone in Norwegian maternity care. From now on all births in Norwegian hospitals will be registered on fully digital systems, using CSAM’s maternity software. The first “digital” baby was born at Oslo University Hospital shortly afterwards, at 2.50pm. Prior to this its maternity department had still relied on paper documentation for some of its records.

Although it has been a challenging and complex implementation, it has given Oslo University Hospital the ability to register all of its 10,000 births annually on its CSAM Partus system”, says Irene Hagen, the project manager for CSAM. “We believe that the Norwegian maternity care, handling about 60,000 births each year, is now fully digitised”.

CSAM maternity product manager, Lilly Marit Angermo, sees new opportunities for maternity care in Norway. “Making sure all information is secure, standardised and digitised gives us new ways to offer additional services. Community care, midwives, GPs and especially the pregnant women will be able to interact digitally with all Norwegian hospitals’ maternity departments“.