Our fight against cancer

In 2013, in our home market of Norway alone, more than 200,000 persons have or have had cancer.  This is around three times as many as in 1980. Each year roughly 30,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed, as opposed to 14,000 in 1980. The increase in new cancer cases is due to several conditions:

• The population has increased
• The number of elderly in the population increases and the risk for cancer increases with rising age
• Better diagnostics, better screening and through this the increased ability to detect cancer
• Significant increase of certain types of cancer

The number of new cancer cases will continue to increase.  The Cancer Registry of Norway’s prognosis states that in 2030 almost 40,000 people will receive a cancer diagnosis annually.  The most important cause of this increase is the increasing share of elderly in the population.

Today, having cancer does not need to be a fatal diagnosis.  More and more types of cancer can be treated, cured and/or prevented.  If you want the best possible outcome of a cancer disease, it is essential that you come into a treatment regime at an early phase and receive the correct treatment for precisely your type of cancer.


The best outcome for patients

CSAM actively participates in the fight against cancer. One of our major efforts and things closest to our hearts is that patients with cancer will receive the best possible treatment and follow-up so that the final result for the individual patient will be as good as altogether possible.

Our vision for the cancer field is “to deliver solutions that ensure the best outcome for patients with cancer”. To be able to deliver our vision, we must put the patient with cancer in focus and develop good solutions for overall cancer care.

The number of cancer cases increases, which means that more patients and their families are affected.  When the volume increases on a macro level it is still on a micro level that the solution for the individual patient is found.  At CSAM we believe that in order to be able to give the patient precisely the best possible treatment on an individualised micro level we have designed solutions based upon this. For CSAM, there is therefore a paradox that when the actual cancer treatment to a greater degree is individualised, the trend on a political macro level is to look at “standardised” solutions for an overall national health service.   “One solution for all and equal for everyone” has been a sort of mantra.

CSAM is quite certain that one solution for all is not a long-term value-adding model for the individual patient with cancer. Having cancer is a great strain for the individual, there is significant risk associated and the outcome can be fatal.  But, there are also many possibilities for being treated and the correct treatment for the correct patient at the correct place at the right time is decisive to the end result.



It is also critical that all healthcare providers in the chain have access to all relevant information about the patient.  This is why CSAM has placed the fight against cancer as one of its major areas of commitment.  We believe that specialised solutions for an overall cancer care is the solution to be able to deliver the individual with cancer the best possible treatment he or she can receive.  This is not solved through large standardised national solutions; on the contrary, this is a support tool in rapid development that must exist on the side of the large and inflexible “standard” public healthcare solutions.

CSAM’s ambition is to deliver an overall and specialised solution for cancer care.  We have the background and experience within medicinal cancer treatment, portal technology, user interfaces, patient logistics, data warehouse, patient inclusion and a number of other clinical solutions.  Therefore, CSAM has precisely the central and vital qualities for developing and delivering the cancer specific solutions that are needed in the health service as a whole.

Our strategy for the cancer field is gathered in our CSAM Oncology Solutions.  We have chosen a component strategy, so that for the individual health institution it will make it possible to choose CSAM in combination with other suppliers. Through this we can provide a greater degree of options and combination possibilities of solutions for the individual health institution.  Our “treatment” for a local IT landscape at the healthcare provider will be an individualised and integrated solution for their overall treatment of patients with cancer.


CSAM Oncology Solutions

Our CSAM Oncology Solutions have many characteristics for supporting the complexity in cancer treatment.

Some of the most important are:
• The healthcare provider’s user interface that shows the information from all systems that is relevant for treatment of cancer patients.
• Interaction with other players, for example between the hospital and the general practitioner.
• Monitoring of the entire patient pathways to secure proper treatment quality in all steps.
• Handling of medicational treatment and workflow where the pharmacy, doctors, nurses and management have their needs covered.
• Patient involvement. With web-based solutions and smartphone apps, the patient is offered both to be able to register his/her use of cancer medication at home while at the same time interacting with healthcare providers and having access to updated vital information concerning the cancer treatment.

CSAM is dedicated in the fight against cancer and will actively contribute to more patients with cancer being able to survive, be completely cured or be able to live a long life with high quality, despite having cancer.  We believe that we can make a difference to the cancer treatment of the future.

We have the ambition, competence, technology and strength of will to do what is necessary.


Sverre Flatby
CSAM Health AS