Gaining national position through M&A’s

CSAM is already #1 in the cancer medication software market in Scandinavia, and also the leader in the maternity software market in Norway. The recent acquisition within the maternity area, secures CSAM contracts within all the regions of Norway.

In addition to CSAM’s proven organic growth, the company has a dedicated M&A strategy to further strengthen the market position and growth areas. The most recent acquisition of Natus strengthens CSAM’s strategic coverage across Scandinavia and secures a definitive national position in Norway.

Giving birth to a child is one of the greatest experience in life. Our CSAM Maternity Solutions are now positioned as a tool for hospitals, patients, GP’s and national authorities to secure the quality of information around all births in Norway”, says Sverre Flatby, CEO of CSAM. “In addition, it fundamentally strengthens and supports the quality of health care provision, covering all births in Norway.

The completion and capability of our CSAM Maternity Solutions represents an expert tool for other countries outside Scandinavia to adopt over the forthcoming years.