Stockholm City Council

Stockholm City Council


Stockholm County Council (SCC) is one of the biggest hospital regions in Europe, and it has a prestigious history within many clinical disciplines. Examples of challenges they faced:

  • The main SCC hospital, Karolinska’s cancer department has been working continuously with advanced medications procedures related to chemotherapy which requires implementation of high-quality procedures. The lack of digital workflow process support related to cancer treatment was a challenge.
  • Another challenge: SCC’s four pathology departments are geographically scattered across different hospital units in greater Stockholm. With a shortage of resources, there was a need to optimise the workflow as well as document both micro and macro images for improved diagnostics.

CSAM Solution

Through local partners, CSAM delivered the Nordic de facto medication management solution CSAM Cytodose to the cancer department.

The company also integrated the image management solution CSAM Picsara with the laboratory information system Sympathy, and introduced photo stations at several locations within the laboratory and diagnostics.


• With digitised process support in CSAM Cytodose the doctors and nurses can collaborate safely regarding all procedures required to give patients high-quality chemotherapy treatment.

• Using a central CSAM Picsara database with the laboratory information system has enabled a secure way of exchanging images between laboratories in the whole county. Both workflow and ergonomics have been optimised for the physicians.