Oslo University Hospital

Oslo University Hospital


Oslo University Hospital OUH is a result of mergers of large hospitals in the capital of Norway and represents many national functions. Several new advanced medical departments are results of these organizational changes and with high quality demands related to their clinical systems. Some examples of challenges they were facing:

  • In general, hundreds of clinical systems were coexisting without integrations and the number of solutions increased vastly as a result of the mergers.
  • The incident handling related to the Division of Prehospital Services was mainly based on manual procedures.
  • The merged Pediatrics departments needed to standardize and harmonize their workflow and data related to maternity.
  • The Ophthalmology department at Oslo University Hospital needed to further develop their workflow. When capturing images, the physicians used many different types of equipment, from different suppliers and with different standards.

What we did

CSAM has worked with OUH through many phases of the history. Our team developed CSAM AMIS in cooperation with the prehospital experts in OUH during during the late 90’s. We developed our Connected Healthcare technology when the merger processes took place between 2005-2010.

Subsequently CSAM delivered the specialized Maternity EPR CSAM Partus fully integrated with a prenatal diagnostics solution in 2015. Also the image management solution CSAM Picsara was integrated with several different specialized imaging systems like for instance Zeiss and TopCon.


As of today, OUH has achieved many results in their ICT modernizing program. Examples of achievements where CSAM has been involved:

  • The ability to merge large hospitals with different systems was enabled through the use of Connected Healthcare technology in 2005 and 2010.
  • The Division of Prehospital services are now tracking all their incidents digitally securing efficient and traceable pre hospital processes.
  • From 2015 and onwards the merged Pediatrics department in OUH has a common standardized process related to maternity that further supports high quality treatment and safe births. The digital maternity record is integrated with their main patient record system and the prenatal diagnostics solution giving the specialists access to relevant information.
  • The Ophthalmology department has an imaging patient overview that is accessible for the whole hospital through the medical records system. All the different imaging products are now connected to a central solution. Workflow and the use of different image sources have consequently become more efficient.