City of Oulu

City of Oulu


One of the great challenges is the gap between healthcare needs and available healthcare professionals. Traditionally, organizations have responded to these resource constraints by increasing the number of employees.

It has become clear, however, that the demands faced by healthcare require that the patients will be more involved in their treatment in the future. That is why the city of Oulu in Finland decided to implement a personal health platform.

What we did

We created and configured an ecosystem of health and welfare services and gathered our own and third party companies’ services on the same eHealth platform CSAM S7. Subsequently the ecosystem was integrated with Oulu’s patient record systems, along with many other IT-systems.


All citizens of Oulu can now access the CSAM S7-based health and social care service portal with their bank authentication. It also allows healthcare professionals to see patients’ home measurements in real time, send messages to them and handle electronic forms.

Today, there are tens of thousands registered users in Oulu with 24/7 access to the service. Doctors are the most active group of professional users and many health centers do no longer have to provide doctor call times, managing all communication via CSAM S7.

In Bloomberg, Oulu Deputy Mayor Sinikka Salo, was quoted stating that the solution has saved the city “tens of millions of euros”.