CSAM iPana

CSAM iPana (Intelligent Patient Archives for Neonatal and Antenatal Services) is an end-to-end information system designed for the needs of the neonatal and antenatal service process.

Developed in cooperation with the Oulu University Central Hospital, the labor information system was expanded into a comprehensive product family covering the entire neonatal and antenatal service chain. This product family is known as alue-iPana. Alue-iPana comprises the following systems:

CSAM iPana – Labor Information System is an intelligent and intuitive system scalable to customer-specific needs. It is designed for use in maternity outpatient clinics, prenatal wards, maternity hospitals and puerperium wards.

Web-based Anamnesis Form is used for sending the background information regarding the expectant mother and the pregnancy to the prenatal screening unit and/or the maternity hospital. The expectant mother can complete the form by herself at home.

CSAM iPrena – System for Prenatal Clinics is an information system designed for use in prenatal clinics. An electronic information flow between prenatal screening units and maternity hospitals as well as the maternity outpatient clinics frees up more neonatal clinic personnel for taking care of the well-being of both mothers and their babies.