CSAM iPana Maternity

CSAM iPana - Maternity

Electronic Maternity Card Service

The CSAM iPana maternity card is a cloud-based, sold as a subscription (SaaS), service. It is a database and service platform that enables healthcare professionals, healthcare service providers, and expectant mothers to store, collect, produce and share important electronic information related to pregnancy, health, and well-being.

The electronic maternity card contains all of the same information as its paper equivalent, with the addition of a wide range of supplementary information about pregnancy and motherhood for the expectant mother.

The CSAM iPana Maternity card service includes a web-based preliminary patient account of medical history, questionnaires for the maternity clinic, and a pregnancy diary for the mother. It also has a calendar of pregnancy events, information on pregnancy and fetus development, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth.

The service features an electronic communication link to the expectant mother’s maternity clinic. This means the expectant mother can record any measurement results or follow-up information on the service at home, and it will be seen by her maternity clinic or hospital.  Mothers can also chose to share the information with their family and/or close friends via social media links.

The goal of the CSAM iPana Maternity service is to support the expectant mother during her pregnancy and expand the possibilities for electronic transactions between mother, maternity clinic, and maternity hospitals. The mother-to-be is empowered as an active user, provider, and owner of the information during her pregnancy.

For more information, please visit the CSAM iPana website.