CSAM iPana – LIS

CSAM iPana - LIS

CSAM iPana guides

CSAM iPana has a web-based user interface, which is divided into sections consistent with the Finnish neonatal and antenatal service process. Each section has a logically organized menu.

The system guides users to proceed correctly. In the user interface, information can be easily selected from the customer-specifically defined options. The basic views are clear and explicit and they follow and support the normal course of pregnancies and labor. Additional information required in more complicated treatment situations is displayed only when necessary. This enables a comprehensive knowledge base to be combined with a simple and intuitive user interface.

The key benefits of iPana include its user-friendly design and seamless integration with other hospital information systems. All further system development work is strongly customer-oriented and the changing needs of users are taken into account. iPana is the pioneer in fulfilling objectives on a national scale.

CSAM iPana Communicates

One of the leading features of CSAM iPana is the partogram which gives users an overview of the progress of labor at a single glance. All the essential information related to a standard delivery is displayed on a single screen. The control section enables the monitoring of all delivery rooms on one screen.

The design of CSAM iPana is based on easy integration with other systems. CSAM iPana communicates with the other hospital systems via the common system interfaces. This renders iterative recording and copying of data unnecessary.

The overall usability is further improved by the desktop integration, which enables users to access CSAM iPana using their user names and passwords without separate log-in. The record of the selected patient is stored in the system memory allowing seamless switching between applications.

Personal and background information of patients is retrieved directly from the health record system while the neonatal clinic provides the background information on the pregnancy. CSAM iPana generates the necessary summaries on deliveries and the newborns. These histories are conveyed to the case history system, from which they are available to other specialized processes in real time. The primary healthcare has access to the neonatal information sheet through the regional information system, which eliminates the need to post paper forms.

Efficient Quality Control

CSAM iPana features a standard reporting functionality which enables easy and fast generation of the most commonly used statistics. This allows the customer to make customized searches necessary for research and quality control through the interface to the CSAM iPana database.

CSAM iPana automatically extracts the material for the notifications on newborns that are delivered to the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health Stakes. All the information to be extracted is clearly indicated in the user interface. Patient-specific checklists are incorporated in the system for additional user guidance. The lists indicate the missing patient information required by Stakes. An equivalent checklist may be run for a desired time interval for the data on all the deliveries in a hospital.