Women’s & Children’s Health

Women & Children's Health

Having a baby is one of the greatest moments in life. The foundation for a long and healthy life for a child is already laid during pregnancy and a safe delivery. It is vital to the healthcare workers that the necessary health information is gathered through the complete pregnancy and delivery process.

Parents need to share updated information about pregnancy and childbirth with the health care workers. Healthcare providers and national authorities need to secure that all structured information registered throughout the maternity value chain is accurate, fit for purpose and with high quality according to legislations.

Clinicians and healthcare personnel need to have the best possible tools to help them provide services related to this fundamental part of healthcare delivery. Our nation wide maternity products are supporting this need.

CSAM Partus
CSAM Partus
CSAM Natus
CSAM Natus
CSAM iPana - Labor Information System
CSAM iPana
CSAM iPana Maternity Card
CSAM iPana Maternity