CSAM Picsara

The most versatile, comprehensive and flexible software available for the management of non-radiological images.

Perform imaging tasks with ease

CSAM Picsara is a vendor neutral, versatile and flexible software solution designed for the management of non-radiological images.  The software provides clinicians across many specialties with sophisticated features to capture, analyse, store and review images both efficiently and securely.

Capture, work and store!

Using CSAM Picsara, it is easy to capture images and video from a long list of capture devices such as endoscopes, microscopes, still image cameras and other medical equipment. The images can then be annotated and measured according to the requirement of the clinical procedure.  As a final step, the images and video files can be either stored on a central database or on your hospital central archive (for example a PACS) for sharing with other users.

CSAM Picsara is a class-II CE-marked device according the Medical Device Directive.  As a system designed for clinical use CSAM Picsara ensures the highest standards of safety and security for your valuable patient data. The comprehensive user management allows system administrators to set user roles and access rights and to create individual departments with separate access control. CSAM Picsara also offers data encryption as standard.


Accurate documentation of patient status

Picsara permits images, scans and videos to be stored along with the patient notes to help document changes in patient status.

Doing this, will not only improve patient documentation, it will enable a much better way to objectively trace patient development. It will allow a patient to see different doctors, and to be transferred between departments without their history becoming lost.  Picsara also enables quantitative measurements of all kinds.  For example, taking away the guessing game if a liver spot has actually increased in size or not between two visits!


Picsara includes the following key features:

  • Capture of images from different sources
  • Image manipulating, such as crop, rotate, adjust white balance and much more.
  • Comparison tools
  • Measurements (length, area and much more)
  • Annotations (arrows, text, scale bars and much more)
  • Grouping of images into studies/cases
  • Centralized store
  • Access policies
  • Extensive user logging


One of CSAM Picsara’s many strengths is that it can be integrated with other software systems to exchange information and improve workflow.

Regardless of whether your system supports industry standard protocols such as HL7 or native protocols, CSAM Picsara uses several different tools and standards to make integration with 3rd party products completely straightforward.

When integrated with a EPR-system (Electronic Patient Record) or similar host system, CSAM Picsara is launched from within that system and can be perceived by the user as being part of their usual environment.  In a typical installation, patient and login information is sent directly to CSAM Picsara, avoiding the requirement for double entry of patient related information and secondary login.

CSAM Picsara is also able to send back notifications to the host System, reducing the need to manually record when and which images where taken for a particular patient.

Is this something for you?

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