CSAM Medimaker

A CE certified and comprehensive software solution for medical imaging.

Solutions for the challenges

The health care diagnostics process is currently under strong pressure to change. The scarcity of diagnostics resources, the increasing amount and diversity of studies, the availability of diagnostic information, are just a few factors which set significant challenges for modern healthcare information management.  CSAM MediMaker provides solutions to these challenges.

Producing and viewing images

MediMaker is a CE certified, comprehensive software solution for medical imaging. It has been developed in co-operation with health care organizations and is suitable for use in clinics and hospitals as well as entire hospital districts. MediMaker is used for producing and viewing images, writing reports, archiving, distributing information and for carrying out possible remote consultations safely and securely.


CSAM MediMaker provides more efficient imaging workflow and covers all disciplines from radiology to skin diseases supporting almost any type of multimedia (images, video, audio, documents). It can therefore be used for common multimedia storage throughout the organization.

Structured report templates speed up the performance of examinations and reduce the possibility of errors. They bring further added value to the organization by making the information accessible and the treatment process more fluent and reliable. Maintenance of a web-based solution consumes less IT resources, and CSAM MediMaker can also be delivered as a service (SaaS).


The design of the CSAM MediMaker solution is based on enhancing and optimizing the existing treatment process. Capturing and diagnosing images and filling out a report can be done within a single examination window.

Thus the user has direct access to reporting functions from image viewing functions and vice versa, which makes it possible to view and diagnose images and to report at the same time.

CSAM MediMaker can optionally include the CSAM eConsultation solution, which enables remote consultations independent of time and place.

CSAM MediMaker is equally useful for assisting diagnostic procedures as well as for providing new tools for research.


Integration between data systems plays a key role in the quest for seamless care chains and standardized operations. CSAM MediMaker uses the CSAM integration platform for integrating the system using the most common standards.  CSAM MediMaker can be integrated with the organization’s information systems, allowing appointment information, user and patient information as well as medical reports and image links to be automatically transferred between systems.  CSAM MediMaker can also store images in an organization’s own long term archives.

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