The power of medical imaging in the palm of your hand

Easy-to-Use Interface

CSAM CIMA (Clinical Imaging Mobile Application) is a user-friendly mobile application that simplifies and secures the process of capturing, using, and sending medical images via mobile technology.

The CSAM CIMA app supports a broad range of medical professionals and disciplines, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The application can be used to document photos, video, and notes on wounds, injuries, skin conditions, abuse cases, weight, physiotherapy, and more.

Secure & Compliant Media Transfer

CSAM CIMA is a safe and secure solution for capturing and sending medical media from a mobile device. By decreasing the use of private mobile devices, CSAM CIMA enables the secure and compliant transfer of all medical media to a patient’s file.

The CSAM CIMA app is fully compliant with data privacy regulations, ensuring the highest standards of safety and security for valuable patient data. All images, videos, and notes are encrypted and sent directly to the organization’s image management system. Data is further protected using two-factor authentication for user log-ins.


  • Brings media capture to the point of care.
  • Accurate documentation of patient status at any location.
  • Enhances organizational workflow, reducing the time from media capture to uploading in a patient’s file and reducing the time to diagnosis.
  • Ensures accurate and complete patient records, enabling a high quality of care.
  • With CSAM CIMA and CSAM imaging products, users can combine medical media from a wide range of sources and integrate data into their organization’s electronic patient records.


CSAM CIMA offers the following key features:

  • Simple capture of images or video via Android phones, iPhones and iPads.
  • Crop images, trim video, and make comments on a media file all on a mobile device.
  • Online and offline mode allows users to capture media wherever they are.
  • Suitable for any medical discipline that uses images or video.
  • Eliminates the process of manually connecting a digital camera or other device to the server via wires or cords.
  • Pairs easily with a customer’s existing server for quick start-up and use.

Seamless Integration & Unified Storage

CSAM CIMA cooperates with CSAM imaging products, providing a secure and comprehensive sharing of all digital medical media across an organization or between different organizations. Images, videos, and notes are easily transferred from the app to CSAM Picsara or CSAM Medimaker with the click of a button.

Through CSAM’s imaging products, CSAM CIMA integrates closely with an organization’s existing information systems, including electronic patient records and patient information systems.